calculus-based physics for scientists and engineers

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Completed: All modules for Season 1 and 2

This is an online textbook for a standard, calculus-based physics course in mechanics. The idea of an online book is that each element of content is delivered in the most effective way: words, videos, demonstrations, or simulations. Also, the flow is non-linear. The core content is delivered uninterrupted, and additional information can be accessed through the sidebar as shown on this page. This eliminates the need to read text you don't want or need, like this crap.

The text covers all the usual suspects one expects in such a course (forces, energy, momentum, etc.). I have provided two different forms of organization: traditional (each topic covered in full before moving on), and another quite different: four seasons of physics (like a TV show, not the weather). The list below contains clickable links that show the modules covered in the different seasons.

In each season, the core physics principles are examined and the relationships between them. In addition, each season builds upon and expands the previous ideas. In this way, the important principles and relationships -- those ideas that a successful student should remember forever -- are covered repeatedly in different contexts. This approach is known to be helpful in knowledge retention. And this theme, coming back to previously studied material is seen in other places.

However, it's possible you don't care for that structure or don't have a choice. Thus, a traditional organizational structure is also provided.