calculus-based physics for scientists and engineers



Representations are the different ways we can describe the same event. There may be an infinite number (interpretive dance!), but the following list covers the main ones that are of immediate interest.

  1. verbal: either a spoken or written description.
  2. pictorial: a picture drawing, or movie
  3. schematic: an idealized drawing maintaining just the basic elements with additional references, coordinate systems, etc.
  4. tabular: a table of data
  5. graphical: a graph of data
  6. mathematical: equations


Do Now!   Do these exercises immediately.

Not Now!   Do these after you start to forget the topic, say in a week.

More!   More exercises if you want. Maybe review before a test.

Required Problems


1. In one of the exercises we saw a ferret do this: a ferret walks 2 m in 4 sec, stops in stunned silence for 2 sec when it sees you. Add to this that the ferret immediately turns around and runs 10 m in 1 s in the opposite direction. Give a pictorial, schematic, tabular, graphical, and mathematical representation for all the motion. For the tabular representation, give data for every second.

Optional Problems